Integrity, Youth Empowerment & Industrialization

Consolidation 2023

      • Great Agenda of continuity, consolidation, capacity , credibility and competence in Ebonyi State Governance


    • Robust Global Experience and Connections to harness for Ebonyi accelerated and all sectors rapid development.
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dr nnanna igwe

Our mission is to provide executive leadership, as well as set priorities and goals for the development of Ebonyi State.
Dr Nnanna Igwe

A Brief Introduction

Who is Dr. Nnanna Igwe

Dr. Nnanna Igwe is a Consultant Emergency Physician in London United Kingdom; a dedicated, dynamic and innovative Community Leader. He is the immediate past president of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo UK & Ireland

He is bringing his impressive wealth of experience, achievements and connections to support and consolidate the efforts of outgoing Governor Engineer David Umahi in the development of Ebonyi state- the Salt of the Nation

Dr Nnanna E.Igwe hails from Amalekwuna , Ameka, Ezza South LGA , Ebonyi State and is married to another medical doctor Dr(Mrs) Ugochukwu Igwe and they are blessed with four children

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DNI MEGA Mission at a Glance

My Political Vision

Arts & Culture

In Nigeria today, Ebonyi State Council for Arts & Culture is ranked among the best five Arts Councils in terms of dance, performances, drama, choral and indigenous music and cuisines. We will deploy technology to showcase our arts on a global stage and attract more investments into the sector

Housing & land

Under the able government of Engr. Dave Umahi Ebonyi state joined the National Social Housing Programme (NSHP) that plans to build 300,000 affordable houses for low-income earners across the country. We intend expand this project to more rural areas

Policing & crime

Apart from deploying technology to reduce the incidences of crime The MEGA Mission project will fund our existing security agencies with necessary tools to increase their efficiency. Our security policies will inspire the police and other relevant agencies to adopt a proactive approach to address public safety concerns.


Ebonyi state is blessed with many natural resources. Our sustainable environment policy will be designed in such a way that can exploit these resources responsibly for their economic benefit and in such a way to avoid depleting natural resources and compromising the future generation’s ability to meet their daily needs.


I see education as the key to our future; In continuation with the good works of the current governor, we will prioritize education and make it not just more accessible but also more attractive than veering into low income trades

Youth Development

The youths are said to be the leaders of tomorrow; With a robust youth population in Ebonyi state Our youth empowerment goals is aimed at developing our youths to have better capacity in leadership, entrepreneurship and management

Arts & Culture
Housing & land
Policing & crime
Youth Development

What People Say About Me

“We believe that, to bring our economic and social life to a new level, we must use non-standard and non-traditional means in our work. Tomorrow depends on your choice. And we have the best people to make sure it doesn’t disappoint.”

Calvin Bell

Calvin Bell


“How can we get our country back on track? How to preserve our Constitution? All these core questions have been evolving in our minds for years. And now we have the answers. We stand behind our promise to protect people’s rights.”

Neal	Houston

Neal Houston


“Whenever I meet Jack Well, I say: “There’s so much you can do, but, boy, could we use a mayor like you around these parts!” Jack has faithfully served our city and our country for years now, so my vote definitely goes to him!”

Greg Wald

Greg Wald

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DNI Foundation Plans Empowerment Project for Ebonyi Hawkers across the country

How can we get our country back on track? How to preserve our Constitution? All these core questions have been evolving in our minds for years.

dni business training
DNI Organizes Entrepreneurship Training for Unemployed Youths

We believe, that to bring our economic and social life to the new level, we must use non-standard and non-traditional means in our work.

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